• Thought Leader Challenge Enter the Agri360 Thought Leader Challenge and claim your share of the R10k bounty every week
Thought Leader Challenge
Enter the Agri360 Thought Leader Challenge and claim your share of the R10 000 bounty each week

How to Enter

Claiming your share of R10 000 every week in Agri360's thought leader challenge is easy!

All you have to do is blog (write articles) about Agri360's sponsors on Agri360.co.za. Your blog posts or articles will be published live on Agri360.co.za and the author of the blog post with the most "LIKES" 7 days after being published wins R1 000.

With 10 Brands every week to write about, you could potentially bag R10 000 every week!... It's that simple!

Ready to take on the challenge? Simply follow these few steps:

STEP 1: Stay tuned for the weekly brief which will be published here. Competition starts 1 January 2015.

STEP 2: Become a member of Agri360.co.za and submit your Article to us there.

STEP 3: We will then invite all registered Agri360 members, as well as our email newsletter subscriber base to vote for the best article by clicking on the "LIKE" buttons of the posts they like the most. To increase your chances, you can invite your network of agri-business connections too.

STEP 4: One R1000 bounty per brand will be awarded and paid out to the person who has the most amount of "LIKES" on their article by midnight each Sunday.

STEP 5: The deadline for submissions will be published each week.

What we are looking for is an article for each of the participating brands in South Africa that::

  • creates awareness about what that brand offers to farmers in South Africa, focusing on the value that the brand brings to the market and NOT just a product review.
  • makes strong reference to an aspect which is innovative, makes use of technology or brings about positive change in the agricultural industry in some way.
  • must target specific keywords from an SEO perspective. Each week's brief will provide a guideline in this regard.
  • is presented as an unofficial view based on a personal, positive association with the brand.

The Rules:

  • You must be linked to farming in South Africa in some way. We are looking for people who already have an understanding of the agricultural industry in South Africa.
  • Your article must be well written and at least 350 words in length.
  • Before you publish your article on Agri360, your profile must include your full name, city, province, farm or business name and a photo of yourself.
  • Deadline for submissions for each round are on Day 7 of the previous contest at midnight each Sunday. (South African Time)
  • The R1000 bounty per brand is guaranteed and will be awarded on the last day of each week's contest.
  • Your article may be written in English or Afrikaans only.
  • Any articles which fail to meet the weekly criteria or which portray any of the brands in a negative light will be immediately removed from Agri360.co.za. This is at HerdBoys discretion and no discussion will be entered into.

We are planning on running up to 10 of these contests each week (1 per brand). That means there will be a massive R10 000 every week up for grabs to anyone who is keen to string a few sentences together. If this interests you, stay tuned so that you are informed every time we post a new contest.

Looking forward to working with you and good luck!

What's it all about?

Agri360.co.za is a new LinkedIN type Agri-business network. A place where agricultural suppliers are encouraged to promote their products, share their industry knowledge and expertise and manage their online reputations. It's also a place where farmers engage and chat with agricultural suppliers and their peers to solve farming problems, get advice, exchange information, ideas and opportunities and keep updated with all things farming in South Africa. The bottom line... it's all about "Connecting Farming Communities".

We are in the process of formally launching Agri360.co.za and with some of the major players in the industry coming on board, leading the campaign, it is sure to be a huge success. Here's where you come in... In line with the interactive nature of the site and to stimulate the conversation, we are crowdsourcing well written articles about each of the exclusive participating brands. Each week we will be issuing a contest brief on this page and there's a weekly bounty up for grabs for the article about each brand with the most likes.

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